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New Beginnings

2004-02-02, 11:49 p.m.

Tomorrow heralds a new beginning for me. They say "be careful of what you ask for, you might get it," to which I reply, "if you never ask for it, it will never come!"

I am being blessed with several things which I have hoped for, wished for, prayed for, prepared for, and dreamt of for years and years -- a wonderful partner in life and a family with that partner.

Not that long ago, part of my mind told me that these things would probably not happen. Yes, it was good that I would not settle for just anyone, however, those just anyones were lost somewhere years and years ago.

How little forsight and self-confidence I had.

Now I find myself moving to Fayetteville, AR to be with my love, my girlfriend, my fiancee', my future wife, my future parenting partner, my life! My life has been a roller coaster the past month with incredible ups, a little down or two, and some of the craziest spins imaginable... but you know, I couldnt imagine anything else so wonderful than my life right now.

All you have to do is believe -- truly believe -- and let it happen -- let it happen for you!


p.s.: yes, yes, we'll be posting a wedding website and some other news as things settle down a bit in our lives :-)

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